A skin condition in which the skin becomes itchy, cracky and color turns to red; sometimes blisters also appear on the skin. This type of skin condition is known as Eczema treatment. This condition is mainly seen in the kids of age 1 to 4 years, and after that, some recover from it, but some continue this up to adulthood. For everyone, the symptoms of this condition differ according to the age group and the body type. But the common part for all is having scaly and itchy patches of skin. This condition is developed due to various factors like environmental which include smoke and pollen; the other is the certain type of food which triggers this condition anonymously. Full cure of Eczema has not developed it, but the symptoms which are on the skin can be cured with certain skin treatments as this is not a contagious condition. Below are some of the symptoms which will help one in spotting these skin conditions. They are as follows-

• The skin becomes dry at a certain area over a certain period.

•             Elbows and knees are the common area for the rashes to appear

•             After that, the neck, wrists, ankles are affected with the rashes

•             The rashes will appear somewhat bumpy

• Rashes then will develop into itch will become permanent throughout the time.

As the symptoms appear to be problem worthy, but one need not worry as there are many treatments out there which will help in curing this skin condition. The treatments are listed below-

•             Homecare- This is the initial step which can be done by noting down the trigger point of the cause which will help one to get over this skin condition. Moisturizing and bathing are another step towards this which will make the skin fresh and healthy. Soaps with acid contents should not be preferred, and one should also prevent the skin from rashes and scratches.

•             Phototherapy- This is the artificial treatment for this condition in this a band of UV rays are focused upon the infected area with less intensity then turning to higher. It will then give relief to the patient by removing the rashness and patchiness from the skin. This is done in the presence of well-experienced dermatologist so one need not worry here.

• Medications- Medication is preferred when the condition is somewhat from the inside of the body. The doctor will prescribe the individuals with antibiotics or other medicine depending on the skin condition. Sometimes immunosuppressant is also used which is another type of medication preferred when the condition is severing, and this is known to target the affected area more precisely.

•             Biologic- This drug targets a particular area of the immune system that is leading to this skin condition. This is backed up with proteins which are engineered from the human genes and suitable for this treatment.

These were the list of treatments which will surely help the individual in getting a glowing and Eczema free skin.