For those of you who think skin care is a regime made only for women, here’s to bursting your bubble. Men are equally inclined towards practicing routine skin care in order to have a glowing and healthy skin. They are quite infamous for keeping their routines significantly simple and hassle free. However, recently they have started realizing the importance of having a healthier and more youthful skin due to which they have started evaluating their skin care routines. One should note that the key characteristics of men’s skins are different than that of women. They tend to have a thicker, more inelastic skin.

An important factor to know is the skin type which can be:

  • Normal – this type of skin generally clear and less prone to sensitivity
  • Combination – people with this skin type have dry and oily areas on their skin
  • Sensitive – this type is prone to irritation after using certain products
  • Dry – a person with this type will have dry, flaky and itchy skin
  • Oily – this skin type is shine and grease prone
Dry Skin Type

Understanding of the skin type will help men determine their skin care routines for effectively and help them choose the right skin care products. Some tips given to men for skin care by dermatologists in general are:

  • Regular washing of face and especially after exercise – a man should not be lazy in washing his face regularly. He should not use regular soap bars for the same because they can dry out the skin texture. A mild facial cleanser should be used along with lukewarm water.
  • Moisturize regularly – a moisturizer works on retaining water in your skin which will help reduce fine lines and make the skin’s appearance brighter and youthful. Best results are experienced if moisturizer is applied on the face and body immediately after bathing.
  • Check on the product labels and ingredients before buying – one should choose products according to the skin type. A person with skin prone to acne should look out for products which have the oil free approach in order to avoid pore clogging. A man with sensitive skin type should go for mild, fragrance free products.
  • Watching you shaving method – shaving techniques differ from men to men. Some might prefer razors with multi blades and some might not. If your skin is prone to razor burns or ingrowths, then you should use a single or a double blade razor. Also, before shaving you should make your skin wet and hair alike in order to soften it. Use a shaving cream and shave only in the direction in which hair grows.
  • Apply sunscreen – do not forget to apply a sunscreen when you step out. Sun exposure can cause wrinkles, spots and sometimes severe issues like skin cancer. In order to avoid such severe consequences, apply sunscreen to all the exposed areas before going out. Use the water resistant and broad spectrum sunscreen for best results in terms of protection. One should apply sun screen every two hours while being in the sun.
  • Keep a regular check on your skin going should always look out for any abnormal appearances in terms of itchy moles, new spots that bleed or switch colors because these could point towards skin cancer. Men aged above 50 have higher chances of getting melRoma, the worst form of skin cancer.

Other unknown techniques that work

(1)Drinking plenty of water: It is a well-known fact that water flushes out all the toxins from the body and thus provides a radiant looking face. It is one of the most beneficial techniques for men as well as women. Drinking a lot of water can have a multitude of benefits and clear skin is one of them. A lot of dermatologists suggest drinking a lot of water.

(2)Doing exercise: Exercise increases the blood flow to the skin and removes all blemishes from the skin. You do not need to necessarily go to a gym for exercise. A walk for 30 minutes in your garden can also provide the needed benefits.

(3)Oil pulling: This is an unknown Ayurvedic technique that allows you to get clear and glowing skin by removing toxins from your body. You need to swish a tablespoon of oil in your mouth for 20 minutes for getting the needed benefits. It not only gives amazing skin benefits but also makes the body very active. You can use olive oil, coconut oil or seesam oil for carrying out the process of oil pulling.