For a guy, one of the things which they feel proud about is their hair. It is true. One of the many things is that the hair can be set into many different styles which they need the hair to be set as. Moreover, it is a confidence booster when it comes to maintaining the hair and then to show it off seems imminent.

Even if the hair is being shaped and molded and dyed and what not in today’s times, there can be hair damage due to excessive chemicals present in the hair products. Hair Specialist, hair treatment doctor, and even the best hair doctors say that the hair suffers a small amount of damage because of these above-said chemicals and the elements of nature. For those very reasons, the hair needs to be taken care off. Because if these problems are not taken into serious consideration, this could cause hair loss in men. Here, we will be talking about the things which men could do to avoid hair loss.

  • Wash hair regularly with mild shampoo: Washing hair with shampoo can help in healing the scalp, especially if the shampoo is mild and preferably herbal. By doing so, this could eliminate the risk of dandruff too.
  • Vitamins for hair: Vitamins would help in the overall growth and the strength of the hair. Vitamin A helps the scalp, while B helps in the overall color of the hair.
hair loss men
  • Maintain a healthy diet: Eating and maintain a healthy diet would help in maintaining the thickness of the hair and helps in preventing the hair loss. Protein-rich food to help in keeping the hair in the best shape possible and also helps in providing the required nutrients for the hair.
  • Massages for the scalp: Using essential oils to massage the scalp helps the scalp remain fresh and healthy. This helps in keeping the hair follicles in the scalp active, which helps in complimenting the thickness of the hair which the person has.
  • Combing on wet hair is a strict no: After shower when the hair is wet, the hair is supposedly in a weak state. Brushing while they are wet can promote hair loss, and there are certain chances that the hair loss might increase. If necessary, a wide comb should be used.
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  • Drink plenty of water: Even if there are several methods to retain hair loss, the most basic one is to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol: Due to the consumption of alcohol. It reduces hair growth. Controlling and reducing alcohol intake would help the hair grow.
  • Avoid prolonged stress: Various studies by hair Specialist, hair treatment doctor, and even best hair doctors have found out that stress is linked with hair loss and discoloration. Destressing, by doing meditation can be proved useful.
  • Avoid overheating and drying: Constant hair drying would put the hair in the risk of falling off. This should be minimized.
  • Do not braid hair: Loosing of hair happens due to tight braiding and tying. This should be avoided by letting the hair free.