Keeping in mind the current environmental conditions, it is extremely difficult to achieve perfect skin, especially for people who tend to go out in the sun and pollution regularly. Also the work pressure in current day scenario is of extreme amount, managing all these it becomes nearly impossible for us to take care of our skin properly.

Smooth and even-toned skin is what everyone needs, but achieving that is quite a task, especially for oily skin types.

Nobody is born with oily skin; it is something that our skin turns into with time, and with the usage of products onto our skin. Due to open pores on our skin sebum secretion enhances, and this ultimately turns our skin into oily type. This also leads to the formation of acne, acne scarring, and uneven skin tone.

A proper skincare routine for oily skin is an utmost necessity to overcome all of the above-mentioned issues. Below are some of the best tips and proper steps one can follow to overcome any such issues which their oily skin is creating.

  1. cleansing 

cleansing women

This might sound like a very minute and common thing, but in the skincare routine for oily skin, this plays a quintessential role. Clogged pores are the reason why people end up with unwanted acne and pimples all over their face. It is important to clean your pore immediately you come home from outside — use, which is mild and effective. Also always use pieces of cotton to wipe your skin this way anything that is sitting inside the pores will also come out.

  1. Toning


A toner works as a wonder in the skincare routine for oily skin; it helps in minimizing your pores and eventually heal your skin by restricting the oil secretion. Alcohol-based toners are not something anybody should invest in. Always look forward to nonalcoholic and mild toners which are meant for oily skin and minimizing pores. Toner is a must after washing your face since it helps in taking out all the gunk which your facewash couldn’t take out from your pores.

Use ice as a natural toner.

One of the best ways of making your pores smaller is by rubbing ice cubes on your face. This also helps in calming your skin; reduce sunburns as well as helps in minimizing your pores to a huge extent. Ice plays a huge role in controlling sebum secretion; hence including it in skincare routine for oily skin is a must. One can also make ice cubes of aloe vera gel or green tea and apply that on the face.

Use products that contain aloe vera extracts, green tea extracts.

Both of these ingredients are extremely good for calming oily skin. Green tea is good for decreasing acne, and aloe vera works wonder in hydrating oily skin and reducing scar marks as well. So these two is a must in any products a person uses on their oily skin.

  1. Moisturizing 


Many people think oily skin does not require moisturizer since that will make the skin even oilier. This is an absolute myth and not moisturizing after washing your face will eventually make it dehydrated and oily. Always opt for moisturizers which are lightweight, aqua-based and solely meant for oily skin. These will help in bringing back the moisture and keep the skin hydrated enough not to make it oilier. Also, makeup will glide smoothly on well-moisturized skin.

Few tips to get flawless makeup for oily skin types-

Use a primer before makeup.

Very few people are aware of the benefits of a primer in their makeup regime. A primer works like a barrier between your skin and your base products, which helps it adhere to the surface and does not let it slip off. Silicone-based primers also help in filling up the large pores and restricts the oil secretion and making your skin smooth. Hence before applying a foundation putting on a proper primer is very important.

Do not use oils on your face-

One of the worst thing a person with oily skin can do it layer up oil-based products on their skin. Oil clogs the pores and eventually makes it oilier and creates acne. So in the skincare routine for oily skin oil-based products should never have a place.


Achieving perfect skin is not an overnight miracle. You have to work hard to achieve it and follow all the steps mentioned above for the skincare routine for oily skin diligently. Follow the steps for one to two months and see the drastic change in your skin.