Often we forget to pamper our skin as much as we pamper ourselves in their hectic schedule of ours. A radiant and glowing skin, not just externally, is the key to a long-term aesthetics of a beautiful woman from adolescence itself. With unrelenting upkeep of your skin and day-to-day nourishment, say hello to unfaded skin for years to come!

Adhering to basic skin care tips that are hardly tedious will ensure prolonged effects and good health. Some of the steps of daily skin care routine include the following:-

  • Exfoliate- One of the most important and essential ingredients of skin hygiene is to exfoliate. It enhances the process of skin maintenance and makes the job of hydration and moisturization easier, and it involves removing all the impurities and empowering the other agents to carry on their job effectively. Using a neem or cucumber or aloe vera exfoliation scrub can do wonders for all skin types.
  • Skin hydration- Keep your skin hydrated as much as possible. Washing your face at least two times a day is fitting provided the excessive pollution and heat we encounter every day.
  • Water- Regardless of the umpteen number of times our mothers tell us to be hydrated in such an easy manner, we fail to acknowledge the role water plays in our lives. The most basic and easy solution to the majority of common health issues and skin problems is water. Consumption of water throughout the day, more of during summers is contemplated as the best. Nothing can beat this!
  • Apply moist sunscreen- Sunscreen made of natural ingredients and oils is favored instead of chemically made and tested anyway. It should be light and easy on your skin, not likely to be a pointer towards any baggage or heaviness on the skin.
  • Soothe over-exposed skin- No matter how diligently we work towards maintaining and nourishing our skin, there are certain parts which can’t be covered and remain exposed to the sunlight. It is expedient to enlighten attention on those areas, especially our feet-which also require care as much as other parts do
  • Repair and treat sun-damage- Toning up the skin and giving it a warm massage is what we are oblivious towards because we think the above points are more than enough. It isn’t the case though definitely and thus repairing and treating sun damage is a must.

Skincare in summer is what is of importance other than any other season. Some of the skin care tips for summer include the following essentials- consumption of a lot of water, washing your face and keeping it clean, exfoliating and applying a mist toner followed by a light moisturizer. Hydration also includes other forms which are eating cooling fruits and vegetables. Skincare routine encompasses all these tips in the morning and before sleeping at night.

Skincare in winter is different from what it is in winter. If you are under the impression that the same products can be used for winters, then you are in a big dilemma. Facewash, for example, for summers does the work of removing oil and dirt that is clogged up in the pores whereas for summers, nourishes the skin and ceases the possibility of itchiness and dryness. A non-foaming gel based or cool mints based cleanser is highly recommended for winters, especially for dry skin. An antioxidant serum is of deep substance, not just in this form but also intake of antioxidants by way of citrus fruits, green tea, green veggies, nuts, etc. The main grail is moisture plus hydration

Skin care routine for men is a mandate as it is often taken for granted. The same methodology is copied except for the fact that most of the home-remedies for tan removal or skin hydration aren’t helpful to a great extent, so a stronger protection in the form of SPF expert cream of zinc is relied upon by the male population for their tough skin as it helps to reduce the oil production and concentration in pores of skin, maintaining PH balance as well as control of facial impurities. The cleansing, hydration and scrubbing process will although back this up fruitfully.

Do’s and don’ts’ / Check-on points

  1.  Washing your face too many times will attract oil settlement, so avoid that.
  2.  Sunscreen fades away in the scorching heat, so moisturize at least 2-3 times during the day.
  3.  While cleansing your face, first clean it with warm water that will open your pores, then apply face wash and clean your face especially the T portion in circular motions so that the skin doesn’t loosen up. And then wash with cold water.
  4.  Cut down on makeup during summers. Make use of a tinted moisturizer, a tinted lip balm, and organic kajal.
  5.  Take cold showers during summers.
  6.  Alter your moisturizer type according to the season and use a refreshing toner.

Hooking up to these amazing yet simple steps can make you say hello to unfaded skin undeniably!