The dark period where the males of our society were not concerned about their skin and their face is long gone. This is the time where skin care for men and women has started to converge, and both women and men, alike have shared the goal of looking ageless, gorgeous, and flawless.

If you are a guy who wants to achieve that goal but does not have the intellect, this article is going to change that forever. If you are a girl with a partner, you could forward the knowledge to him. So it’s a win-win for all. Here are the essentials of skin care for men that you need to know. Follow them, and amazing skin will be your prize.

  1. Find products with ingredients that compliment your skin: Well, for this step, we first need to identify the skin type. It’s not that hard. Skin types can be broadly classified as-
  • Sensitive
  • Normal
  • Dry
  • Oily

Check the ingredients of the skin products before buying them. If you have sensitive skin, go for products that do not have fragrances in them. If you have oily skin, go for cleansers with salicylic acid in them or read “oil-free.” If the task sounds complex, consult a dermatologist (Skin doctor) or go to a skin clinic.


  1. Wash your face every day: Think of your skin as a light source and dirt as the insects. Exercising, traveling, or simply taking a stroll in the neighborhood can attract a lot of dirt and spoil your skin. A face wash under Luke warm water would go a long way. Do not use soaps since they are very hard on your skin. Although, special skin care soap might do the trick.


  1. Use a moisturizer daily: Apply a moisturizer immediately after taking a shower or washing your face. It traps water in your skin and makes you look young with bright skin. A moisturizer is an essential part of skin care in winter pack.


  1. Staying Hydrated: Trapping water from outside using a moisturizer is only half the picture. To keep your skin bright and young, one needs to hydrate it from inside as well. As a result, drinking plenty of water is an essential step under skin care for men.


  1. Exfoliate regularly: Exfoliate is to apply scrub to remove the dead cells and skin from the face. Scrubbing it well with an appropriate scrubbing gel makes your skin look radiant and fresh. One only needs to do it once a week. So it’s not that much of pain anyway.


  1. Use a good lip balm: If you look in the mirror, you could prominently see the fine lines on the lips. So use a good lip balm and nourish your lips well. If you wish to take this lip balm tip one step further, use a high SPF lip balm in the daytime and a hydrating one as a part of your skin care night routine.


  1. Apply Sunscreen when stepping out: Applying sunscreen protects the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun that changes the texture and color of your skin. However, the SPF rating must be chosen appropriately. If you stay at a low altitude, an SPF rating of 30 would be enough. However, an SPF 30 lotion would be a total bust at a high altitude. So increase or decrease the SPF rating of your sunscreen lotion according to your residence.


  1. Get a good night’s sleep: Getting good 8-hour sleep is mandatory for glowing skin. You need to give your cells time and rest to repair the entire day’s wear and tear. Also, don’t complete all your week’s sleep in a single day; consistency is the key.


  1. Use an aftershave: If you don’t already do this, stop acting like a cave dweller, and start using aftershave gel. Also, getting a good shave with a safety razor along with concentration is necessary. Scars only look good on villains.


Doing these steps once in your life is not going to give you any results at all. If you are committed to getting good skin and taking care of your body, then you must fix them in your mind as a skincare routine. Consistency is the key.