Skincare routine is so important to take care of your skin. The largest organ in your body is skin only. The natural skin can be taken care of by, not only washing your skin with clear water and applying moisturizer daily. The food that you take is also important in keeping your skin healthy and glowing. The pollution in the air, your stress level due to loads of work also directly affects your skin. The most important among them is how much sleep you get every day. It is necessary to sleep around 6-7 hours every day. This sleep not only keeps your skin healthy but also helps in better functioning of your body, which is important to have a good and a peaceful day. Teenagers should not use any products on your skin, as teenagers are the growing stage. They have a very sensitive, delicate, and have naturally glowing skin, as it is there growing stage they need to be very conscious regarding their skin. During this period, a teenager has a naturally glowing skin; there were also many hormonal imbalances that start taking place for which every month your which you have a wear and tear of your upper skin layer. As soon as you enter the adult stage, this process automatically slows down. At this teenage stage, many of the boys and girls suffer from one common thing, and that is pimples and acne. This happens due to genetic disorders and hormonal imbalance. Tension is another cause that damages your skin. Tensions are caused due to stress in school and college life. Eating too much junk foods and rich oil contained food is another cause which stops you from having healthy skin. To overcome all these unhealthy circumstances, there is a few easy and effective skin care routine listed below:

  • Avoid using foundation creams and powder on your skin. In case you have applied foundation, then it is necessary to remove your make up before going to bed because acne and pimples start growing in your skin.
  • Always use a face wash before going to bed, nowadays there are a lot of pollution everywhere which gets stuck in our skin. So face wash is the better option to keep your skin dry and clean. Don’t apply different face wash every day, which can be a threat to sensitive skin. Use organic face wash, containing herbal components. In case if you are applying the same face for many days and found pimples, then immediately consult with an expert. Sometimes the herbal plants do not suit your skin as every individual have different skin layers. The face wash also helps in wearing out of the dirty layer of skin and helps in giving a glowing skin. It also helps in reducing the pimples that are already present in your body and even tries to suppress the pimples.

Take a hot towel and keep it in your nose for a few minutes. After removing the towel from that area apply a scrubber on that portion of your nose where you kept the hot towel. The fine particles that are present in the scrubber help in removing the black spots from your nose and give a soft and smooth layer.

  • If you want to take care of the area near your eyes, then take two cut pieces of cucumber and keep it over your eyes, which gives a cool effect on your eyes to look fresh. You can also apply it on your skin, which gives a cooling effect and also helps in cleaning the deep dark skin, which purifies the skin.
  • Always apply moisturizer in your skin. Aloe Vera gel is the best moisturizing cream, which helps in cleaning the skin and also helps in hydrating the skin. Try to use natural Aloe Vera, which contains a lot of natural substances present in it. Aloe Vera not only acts as a moisturizer but also as a medicinal plant to get rid of many problems related to health.
  • During the season of a flower, blooming try to apply natural flower water on your skin which gives a natural glow to your skin. The best flower to use is the rose. Plug a few petals of rose and dip it into a bowl of water for 15-30 minutes and then wash your face. Try to avoid using artificial rose water because it may not support many teenagers.
  • During summers after coming from a hectic and stressful day, apply 2- 3 cubes of ice on your face, which helps in keeping your skin hydrated and gives a cooling effect. This is also important because it helps your skin from getting a sunburn.

This skin care routine for teenagers is very important to be taken care of for healthy and glowing skin.