A picture of perfect skin is a dream of every woman. We all want to have a flawless glowing skin while our lives being jam-packed with tough lifestyle. An ever-busy schedule does not allow us to nurture the skin. Skin cells being more fragile and delicate always need little more care and love. Also, use of cosmetics, and other product on the skin leads to loosing of the natural beauty that our skin possesses. So here are a few Skin Care Home Remedies that will not only help us to achieve flawless glowing skin but also help us to minimize the use of cosmetics and other chemicals. The substitute for various cosmetic products with commonly used home ingredients is stated below. The list is endless, but the most commonly used cosmetics can be replaced with these wonderful products:


  • Toner: Unpasteurised milk works like wonder if applied to clean washed face. It can be used as a toner, cleanser, and also a natural nutrient-rich source for the skin. A cotton ball soaked in raw milk can be applied to the face directly; it is one of the best Skin Care Home Remedy.


  • Fairness: Aloe Vera can be called as the ultimate solution to all skin problems. You are wondering how to get fair skin and that too naturally? Well, Aloe Vera gel not only gives your skin the required nourishment but also its consistent use can lead to changing of skin tone gradually. Just apply aloe vera gel gently on your face and massage a little. Wash with water, and you are set to go!


  • Tan Removal: Chickpea Flour, also called besan, commonly is magically effective for tan removal. All you need is some besan, lemon, and some Aloe Vera gel. Mix well and apply to affected areas. The results can be seen with just 4-5 uses.


  • Blackheads Removal: Tomato juice has a specific type of antioxidant called lycopene. Tomato used as a Skin Care Home Remedy can wondrously help in reducing the open pores and blackheads of the skin. So no more pain to get rid of blackheads!


  • Dark Circles: The cooling properties of Cucumber makes it everyone’s favorite in summers. A slice of cucumber kept on eyes can surely help to get rid of dark circles as well as puffed eyelids.


  • Blemishes: The antimicrobial properties of honey can help to get soft skin naturally. Being a rich source of antioxidants, this Skin Care Home Remedy can reduce blemishes on the skin.


  • Removal of Redness from Blemishes: Turmeric due to its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties help amazingly to get rid of the blemishes redness and smoothens the skin naturally.


  • Face Packs: A homemade fruit pack acts as a balanced meal for the skin. Your favorite fruits are a one-stop solution for naturally fair and soft smooth skin. All you need to do is mix and mash raw banana, papaya and add a few drops of lemon juice. The results will be superbly amazing!


  • Antioxidant Capsules: No more need to consume tons of antioxidant capsules, honey is here for the rescue. The antimicrobial properties of honey can help to get soft skin naturally. Being a rich source of antioxidants, this Skin Care Home Remedy can reduce blemishes on the skin.


  • Dead Skin Removal: The presence of lactic acid in curd is a great way of removal of dead cells that helps to get a fresh, glowing skin naturally. It is easy to get rid of dark spots too by the constant use of yogurt on skin.


Apart from the usage of these products, you need to stay hydrated for your skin to glow. Rinse your face regularly so that the dust on your face skin does not stay.


Healthy skin is happy skin. All the solutions to your problems lie in your kitchen. All you need to do is use these magical products consistently, sit, and relax. Let them do the rest.


A chemical-free NATURAL skin speaks for itself.