It is an absolute myth when people say tattoos are permanent. They definitely do not erode away with time from our skin but certain tattoo removal procedures are there which successfully takes away the tattoo permanently.

Laser tattoo removal is one of the best possible solutions for getting rid of tattoos. There are many tattoo removal cream present in the market which promises to remove tattoos from our skin. But no surety is there that it will be successful in doing so.

Why laser tattoo removal is considered the most efficient procedure?

The tattoo ink used consists of many heavy metals such as copper, manganese, lead etc. which makes the tattoo permanently sit onto our skin. Since the ink is made up of such heavy metals it is not easy to get rid of using creams. Laser beams are the most effective way of removing a tattoo since it can break the ink into pieces under our skin. Tattoo removal laser beams efficiently disintegrate the ink in the layers of our skin and the procedure might sound quite simple yet it is not.

How does tattoo removal by laser work?

The laser beams consist of hot as well as cool radiations which work simultaneously in order to fade away tattoos. These beams are extremely hot on the first application, the warmth of the beams help in expanding the ink particles present under our skin.

Next the cooling effect of the beams come into action which along with the hot beams rip apart the ink particles and turn them into smaller fragments. These smaller fragments are taken up by white blood cells and sent to the liver. The white blood cells’ responsibility is to fight against any foreign invader inside the body and kill it that is exactly why they take up the ink fragments of tattoos and transport them to the liver thinking as foreign particles.

How much does the tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal cost is not an inexpensive option. Since the procedure requires a lot of time it is quite expensive as well. Depending upon the tattoo artist this cost will be varying. The whole can take from two to ten appointments to get rid of the whole tattoo which also depends on the intensity of colours and size of the tattoo.

Is the tattoo removal procedure safe?

The laser utilised in the whole removal procedure is the same one used in laser hair removal. Hence these beams when applied onto skin for short periods of time will not cause any harm. But it is obvious if such hot laser beams are overexposed onto our skin it will cause unnecessary pigmentation and irritation to our skin.

Knowing about all the titbits of tattoo removal it is expected now you are sure enough if you want to get rid of that tattoo or not. If one requires to effectively get rid of tattoos then laser removal method is undoubtedly the best procedure to bring the desired results.