Moles often turn into serious dermal issues if not treated properly. They might appear as small patches on our skin but their harmful impact on our skin is prolonged if not treated immediately. Moles are patches of hyper-pigmented skin which balls up and gives off the chunky structure. Whereas some moles remain flat under our skin and are not as harmful as later.

People often rip off these chunky moles from their skin and that is even more harmful as well as painful. This can lead to infection and formation of puss in that area as well. as a better option for mole removal home remedy one can use essential oils.

Below are the top 5 most beneficial essential oils used for the mole removal procedure.

  1. Frankincense essential oil.

This oil was used by the Egyptians and is of great importance for mole removal from face. It also helps in reducing and inflammation after the mole falls off and also diminishes the visible scar marks from the skin. This oil contains Boswellic acid which can be extremely effective in arresting the growth of cancerous moles as well.

  1. Lavender essential oil.

This oil consists of a beautiful aroma of Lavender as is equally beneficial for mole removal. This when mixed with frankincense essential oil and sea salt chunks and applied on the mole provides amazing results with a week or so by diminishing the size of the mole.

  1. Tea tree essential oil.

Tea tree essential oil is one of the most well-known oils meant for having anti-bacterial properties. Hence it is an amazing thing to use in the process of mole removal at home. It can be used after the mole falls off to diminish the probability of bacterial infection in that place and also to heal the scar.

  1. Clove essential oil.

This is another amazing tonic that helps in making your chunky moles disappear in no time. It is advisable to apply clove oil on the mole twice a day and the results will be evident after two weeks. Also this will create no pain and scarring after the mole disappears as well.

  1. Yarrow essential oil.

This oil is specifically recommended to cure skin disorders due to the presence of hypopigmentation agents in it. This oil neutralizes the contents of the mole and helps in shrinking its size as well. This is also an excellent thing to cure UV ray inflammation on our skin as well.

Sometimes due to the concentrated texture of essential oils it can cause a little bit of burning sensation onto the skin. In such cases one can choose to apply mole removal cream on their moles. These creams are infused with the essential oils mentioned above so will provide equally effective results as the oils do.

Now that you know everything about essential oils and their treatment on moles it is expected to follow them correctly and get the perfect results by applying them appropriately on the affected areas and see the results at home.