Let’s admit it: moles, warts and skin tags are a bit irritating. Although they doesn’t cause a risk to the health, but they’re annoying. They doesn’t look pleasing to the eyes, and they make you feel so uncomfortable. It makes your life more comfortable for sure to get rid of them before they become a problem. This can be done using a treatment known as Electro surgery.

Electrosurgery is a procedure in which the area of the skin is burnt that contains a wart, mole or skin tag. The procedure is done with the help of the tip of a needle, through which an electrical charge is sent, and then drying and burning off the tissue on which the wart, mole or skin tag is thriving. To begin with the procedure, the skin around the wart, mole or skin tag must first be numbed with a painful local anesthetic injection so that it doesn’t feel the immense pain caused due to Electrosurgery.Electrosurgery can cure a single wart, mole or skin tag or a few warts, moles or skin tags but it is not suitable for large areas of warts, moles or skin tags.

So you also have wart, mole or skin tag on any part of your body and these are irritating you and you want it to be removed and get rid of, then come to Skinvel clinic for successful Wart removal in Jaipur or successful Mole Removal in Jaipur or Skin Tag Removal in Jaipur. We provide best services for electrosurgery also known as Electrocautery & Radio Frequency Ablation.

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