Tattoos are the impressions we get imprinted on our skin for a unique style and appearance and birthmarks are the impressions naturally present on our skin since we are born. Both the things are not harmful and something that we want to get rid of unless it creates a trouble for you. Nothing can be worse than a tattoo design gone wrong or a birthmark which is not very pleasant to look at. People want to get rid of such things as soon as they can. But you must be thinking these are not known as permanent things without reasons. Well, this was true, but only till the time when science has not invented ways to solve this problem.

Now, there is a technique available through which these permanent tattoos and birthmarks can be turned into a temporary thing. This procedure is known as Q-Switch ND YAG laser. Apart from all the other useful things this treatment does, Q-switched lasers are also used to remove unwanted tattoos and help in removing birthmarks on any part of the body. The technique used in this treatment is that the laser is used to shatter tattoo pigment into particles that are cleared by the body’s lymphatic system. This method help in faster, less painful and complication free tattoo removal. This system is generally quite effective in clearing tattoos & have an established safety record which is why Q switched lasers are the current gold standard for laser tattoo removal.

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