The human skin is very sensitive. It requires a lot of care to be safe and to be in good health. Good skin is directly related to good health and comfortable life. But in certain cases, this comfort is a hard deal to crack. Reason is the skin related problems known as skin allergies. It should be noted that a lot of people has a variety of skin allergies and they are suffering from it. There are various dermatologic conditions which affects the skin and cause itchiness and rashes, but only some are related to an allergy. Itchiness and inflammation can be caused by many types of skin allergies and rashes. However it is to be noted that not all rashes that itch are related to skin allergies. Few of the example are insect bites along with fungal, viral and bacterial infections. All these can cause a rash to appear.

Each type of skin allergy has different symptoms depending upon the causes. Some allergies may lead to bumps, and itching, and others may also include redness. One may not easily identify the causes of all these skin conditions which can be characterized as rashes and are very common in nature. Stating one root cause is difficult as there could be many causes for the skin rash. Some of the major causes for the rashes are infections, things to which the skin is allegic and skin conditions such as eczema, or even dry or damaged skin can be a major cause behind the rashes. Apart from these, Rashes can also be caused by many things, including plants, or because of a medication or a food item to which the body is allergic, or an illness, or the two most common forms of skin rashes- eczema and hives, both of which are related to allergies. Also, there is a particular type of skin allergy which is caused by the sun and is known by the name of Photoallergic contact dermatitis. This occurs when after exposure of skin to the sun, the skin has a reaction to an irritant or allergen. This is why some people say that they are allergic to sun. This kind of reaction is triggered by cosmetics, shaving lotion, sunscreen and perfume.

The symptoms of Eczema which is also commonly called atopic dermatitis typically results in dry, sensitive skin. One may experience red itchy patches at different body parts. Eczema can be a fluctuating condition which can come and go over time, and the outcomes can be that the flare-ups may crack, ooze, and itch severely. It is difficult to cope up with it as it is very itchy. It can vary in severity from mild in which there is just dry skin to severe where the skin becomes red, scaly, thick, fissured and oozing.

If one experience raised itchy bumps on the skin, then it can be a symptom of Hives which are also known as urticaria. The hives typically appears reddish, and will turn white when pressed in the center.

Contact dermatitis is typically caused when the skin is exposed to an allergen or irritant. You may be experiencing contact dermatitis if you have red itchy bumps on your skin, especially at the site of contact with some potential irritant or allergen.

To take care of these allergies on a personal level, it is suggested to avoid scratching the rash or hives as this can create more irritation and can lead to infection. Another thing which is suggested is taking baths frequently followed by immediate application of moisturizer in adequate amount to ease the discomfort. But sometimes expert supervision is mandatory to get adequate treatment in time.

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